Black and Taupe Squiggles

False Eyelashes

Black and Taupe Squiggles
RoseMary Vinette Eyelashes

I have been wearing false eyelashes since I was 18. Forty-Eight years. I remember when I began my obsession with false eyelashes. I moved to Florida in 1975 and worked in a very fancy hotel. One of the women who worked there was gorgeous, she was in perfect fit condition, she had big hair, wore a lot of makeup, high heels, and false eyelashes. She took me under her wing and taught me how to put on false eyelashes. That was it I was hooked. I loved them and the longer the better.


Black and Taupe Squiggles

One thing about me is I am not into the natural look. Believe me, I think that it is beautiful. I have friends who wear makeup occasionally, and when they don't have makeup on they still look beautiful. That is not me. I have some true stories to telthat will verify it.

Long Eyelashes


When I began wearing false eyelashes they were $1.50 a pair. Now they are $3.00 and up. Women are paying a lot of money to have eyelash extensions and then touch-ups every few weeks. Please don't get me wrong I think it is wonderful and if it makes you happy then do it. I personally don't like having anything on my eyes for more than a few days.

Black and Taupe Squiggles

There are so many lashes to choose from. Strips with a heavy band, strips that look like individual lashes, individual lashes, long, medium, short, double, single, magnetic, permanent, oh, and more.

Lots of Lashes

Strip Lashes
 The bands are thick, invisible, glitter, pre-glued. The lashes are long, short, medium and the list goes on. 

Individual Lashes


Individual Lashes                               
Individual lashes, long, medium, short. I wear individual lashes when I am traveling because I can wear them for a few days.

Magnetic Eyelashes


Magnetic Lashes
I have not tried magnetic lashes because they are not long enough for me.  If and when they are available they are on my list.

Feather lashes, I do not wear them but my friend Miss LaDiDa wears them on occasion and says they are unique. My friend Giggles wears Tinsel lashes. Lashes with rhinestones. Colored lashes.
There are so many types of lashes I feel like a child in a candy store. I could not possibly list all of the different styles.


eyelash glue


There are so many glues to choose from, dark tone, clear, waterproof, latex-free, magnetic, and more.

Duo glue has been my favorite glue for years. I use the dark tone, it makes it more dramatic. I use the clear duo glue when I am applying gems to my face, a trick Miss LaDiDa taught me.

I always wait until there is a sale to buy my lashes. I buy them in bulk. When people were running out and hoarding up on toilet paper I ran out also. My husband said," Are you going out for toilet paper?" I told him no I am going out and hoarding lashes. I figured if I was going to have to stay in for a while I needed eyelashes and lots of them.

Black and Taupe Squiggles
God Bless xoxo LoLa
Black and Taupe Squiggles

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