My Favorite NuSkin Products

My Favorite NuSkin Products You may be asking “Is this a multi-level marketing company?” and the answer is YES. I have been using these products since 1985 and have not sold any products in that time. Why? Because I don’t like rejection or mean people (and if you have never done multi-level marketing when people … Read more


NuSkin   NuSkin     I love how wonderful my skin feels when I use Nu Skin products. Everyone is shocked when I tell them my real age. Explore my site and checkout my favorite products that keep me feeling and looking young.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils What Makes doTERRA Different? When you use a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, you’re using an oil that is pure. There are no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. The essential oil industry did not have standards to ensure purity, so doTERRA created one. Every batch of doTERRA essential oils goes through a rigorous testing … Read more

False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes I have been wearing false eyelashes since I was 18. Forty-Eight years. I remember when I began my obsession with false eyelashes. I moved to Florida in 1975 and worked in a very fancy hotel. One of the women who worked there was gorgeous, she was in perfect fit condition, she had big … Read more