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Jewelry Decorations

Black and Taupe Squiggles
Glass Block Jewelry by RoseMary




I love making jewelry and realized that jewelry can be worn to adorn women, but also for decorating vases, glasses, and much more.


Glass blocks can be used for lovely decorations. I have adorned these with shells, starfish, glass crystals, Swarovski crystals, glass seed beads, wire, driftwood, sea glass, and fairy lights. Beautiful and one of a kind beach decor.


Here are just a few designs I have created with my jewelry pieces.


Glass Block Purple & Yellow Jewelry by RoseMary

Glass Block, Wire, Shells, Glass Beads, Crystals, Fairy Lights

Glass Block Driftwood and Starfish by RoseMary

Glass Block, Driftwood, Wire, Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, Crystals,
Glass Beads,
Fairy Lights

Glass Block Shell Jewelry by RoseMary

Glass Block, yarn Shells, Wire, Crystals, Thread, Wire,Pink crystal crab, Fairy Lights

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