Black and Taupe Squiggles


Black and Taupe Squiggles
LoLa Cartoon (2)



Hello, my name is LoLa. Let me explain. I have always loved the name LoLa and would change my name legally if I could, but Mike said NO. So, the next best thing pretend.

As LoLa I can dress up fancy, wear a lot of sparkle, and well just do a lot of LoLaisms. What is a LoLaism? It is a word that I made up and my definition is "Laugh Often Love Always"

I am sure many of us have an altered personality inside of us and I hope that you will let them shine. I mean even Clark Kent had an altered personality.


  Cartoon desinged by Cindi Goodeaux
Now grab something to drink, put it in a  fancy glass, (I think everything tastes better in a fancy glass)
put on some sparkle, sit back, and let's enjoy some laughter together.


Black and Taupe Squiggles
God Bless xoxo LoLa
Black and Taupe Squiggles

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